New 3DX samples!! Check them out in our service page!
Micronet Manila expands! The Computer Graphics Factory is a subsidiary of MSM that focuses on actual Architectural buildings, wherein applying 3D enhancements, walk-throughs and presentations. View their works here!
we are looking for distributors for the 3DAtelier Philippines release --more...
What is web3D and 3DX?
  • 3DAtelier version 4 is soon to be released in the Philippines!! New layouts and more features to enhance your 3d models and animation. You can now also render in real-time with the LiveMagic engine. Want to know more? You know you wanna! Click to our products page and learn more about this 3D software and what it can do!

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  • Are you wondering what we can do? Click to our service page and see how we can help you with promoting your company, enhancing webpages, presentations, print media and so much more!
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