BIG NET USA INC., established July 1990, is based in San Francisco, California, United States of America. It is the distribution arm of Micronet developed Video games and computer systems (software). Among the games it has released and distributed to USA are:           
Year Released Video Game Title Game Console
1991 Heavy Nova Sega CD
Ambition of Caesar Genesis
Junction Sega Game Gear
1992 Ambition of Caesar Genesis
Black Hole Assault Sega CD
1993 Black Hole Assault Sega CD
The Third World War Sega CD
Ridick Bow Boxing Super Nintendo
Ridick Bow Boxing Gameboy
Ridick Bow Boxing Sega Gamegear
1994 Battle Fantasy Sega CD
AX101 Sega CD
Gotha Sega Saturn
1996 Gotha II Sega Saturn
Gotha II Play Station
1997 E.O.S. Edge of Skyhigh Play Station
Gotha III Play Station
Gotha III Sega Saturn
1999 Marionette Handler Sega Dreamcast
2000 Marionette Handler 2 Sega Dreamcast
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