Creating Animated surface in 3dx

Your going to make a simple technique in making animated surfaces using multiple attributes in a single object surface.

To start with, open the 3da modeler and make a mesh with an H-1 and V-1 and check the square check box to make this proportioned. Were going to use this as a projector for the surface animation.

Make at least 10 copies of the mesh, were going to make this in 10 frames of loop animation so the attribute must be exactly 10.

Apply an attribute name for each object as pro1 up to pro10.

Attached all the objects together and rename the newly combined object as Projector.
Now you have a single mesh object with 10 attributes, now save the file as Projector.3da.

Note: before loading the file to Motion Editor, make sure that the object is loacted at the center of the world axis.

Load the Projector.3da in Motion Editor, move the camera for a better view of the object projector.

Open the Set Material window and select pro1 attribute, change the Opacity value to 100 (copy this setting to all attributes) then apply the textures to each of the attributes. Download the zip file (13.1KB) for the texture images.

Note: All texture images are already been named after the attribute name and sequenced to exactly 10-images. When texturing attributes, apply only the texture that carries the same name as the attribute. Click Auto button to fit the object size to the texture image.

When finished texturing open the Material Animation option under Render menu. In Material Animation window click on the object name Projector, select the attribute pro1 in the attribute name list, and then select Transparency. Click on Animate button to open track editor.

Apply 3 key frames for the Pro1 attribute. On the track editor insert keys 1,2 then select key 1 and input Transparency value to 0, this will make the pro1 surface visible at key frame 1. For attributes pro2 to pro10 apply the settings as follows.
  • For pro2 insert keys 1,2,3 then select key 2 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro3 insert keys 2,3,4 then select key 3 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro4 insert keys 3,4,5 then select key 4 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro5 insert keys 4,5,6 then select key 5 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro6 insert keys 5,6,7 then select key 6 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro7 insert keys 6,7,8 then select key 7 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro8 insert keys 7,8,9 then select key 8 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro9 insert keys 8,9,10 then select key 9 and input transparency value to 0.
  • For pro2 insert keys 9,10,11 then select key 10 and input transparency value to 0.

For the Animation Group set-up, drag the object Projector to the Object group list, then input 0 for Start and 0 for End dialog box. Select Loop for the Action. Rename the group as projectgroup.

For the Attributes\Events select Projectgroup for the Animation Group, then select Load for the Trigger.

After finished setting, convert the scene to 3dx. After that you can play your 3dx animation.

To see more about this effect, down load sample 3dx files (120KB) and (122KB).

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